Globalisation and Crisis

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The interdisciplinary Ghent Centre for Global Studies at Ghent University has the honour of inviting you to its annual public lecture series, from February to May 2017. This year’s theme is Globalisation and Crisis. Crisis is omnipresent in our contemporary globalised world: from the financial crisis to the environmental crisis, from the refugee crisis to political crisis. The GCGS has invited international experts to offer critical and cutting-edge analyses of these different (discourses of) crisis from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Economic and financial crisis – Tuesday February 28, 13:00-14:00 –  Angela Wigger (Radboud University Nijmegen) on The Competitiveness-Crisis Nexus in the EU Politics of Internal Devaluation.

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Environmental crisis, energy and global justice – Tuesday March 14, 13:00-14:00 – Benjamin Sovacool (University of Sussex) on New approaches and frontiers in energy justice. 

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Migration and refugees: whose crisis? – Tuesday March 28, 13:00-15:00 – double session co-organised with the Centre for the Social Study of Migration and Refugees, and the Migration Working Group – Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham) on What crisis? Whose crisis? Drivers, journeys and responses to the Mediterranean boat migrationand Elisabeth Kirtsoglou (Durham University) on Transitory Lives: Whose Crisis? Whose Responsibility? 

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Political crisis and the politics of crisis – Tuesday May 2, 13:00-14:00 – Virginie Mamadouh (University of Amsterdam) on A geopolitics of crisis in the European Union and beyond.

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Full programme, see: Globalisation and Crisis

Attendance is free.