Globalization, Revolution and the New Urban Condition

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At our annual Research Day on October 24, Ipsita Chatterjee, assistant professor at the Department of Geography of the University of North Texas, gave the keynote lecture on (neo-liberal) urban development, social movements of the poor and urban conflict, partially based on her new book: Displacement, Revolution and the New Urban Condition (Sage, 2014). This stimulating and thought-provoking talk touched upon several key themes of our interdisciplinary workshops, ranging from economic development and inequality, land and property, to social protest. She proposed a dialectical approach to the study of globalization, which allows for a critical transdisciplinary analysis of the interconnections between the economic, political and cultural dimensions of globalization, as illustrated by her analysis of the Sabarmati River Front Development project in the city of Ahmedabad (India). Watch the lecture here:

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