Doing Global Studies – Key Concepts and Approaches

During the second semester of this academic year the Ghent Centre for Global Studies will organize an intensive specialized course at the Doctoral Schools. This interdisciplinary Global Studies Research Seminar ‘Doing Global Studies: Key Concepts and Approaches’ comprises of 6 seminars: after an introductory class, we will have 4 public lectures and master classes by international guest lecturers, followed by a closing seminar by a professor of the Ghent Centre for Global Studies. For a detailed outline of the course, see the course page on the UGent online teaching platform Zephyr.

How to find the course on Zephyr and register? Login with CAS (or as a non-UGent user), ‘inschrijven op cursussen’, search for ‘Global Studies Research Seminar’ (course code X000363) and then register. Registration will close on Monday 20 January.

Even if you are not able to attend all 6 seminars and do not wish to receive credits, you are still invited to register, so as to receive the announcements and have access to the readings.

  • General introduction – Monday 10 February (14h-16h)
  • Spatializing the Global – Tuesday 18 February (13h-17h): Jonathan Beaverstock, Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Nottingham (as from 1st of January: University of Bristol)
  • Historicizing the Global – Monday 10 March (13h-17h): Peer Vries, Professor of Global Economic History at Vienna University
  • Governing and contesting the Global – Monday 31 March (13h-17h): Heikki Patomäki, Professor of World Politics at the University of Helsinki
  • Signifying the Global – Tuesday 6 May (13h-17h): Simon Caney, Professor in Political Theory, Director of the Centre for the Study of Social Justice at the University of Oxford
  • Towards Critical Global Studies  – Monday 26 May (14h-17h): Christopher Parker, Professor of Conflict and Development Studies and senior researcher at the Middle East and North Africa Research Group of Ghent University.