De hermaakbare wereld? Essays over globalisering

Remaking the world? Essays on Globalisation – New edited volume in Dutch

The Ghent Centre for Global Studies is proud to announce the publication of the peer-reviewed edited volume De hermaakbare wereld? Essays over globalisering (Remaking the world? Essays on globalisation). This collection of essays by the research groups of the Ghent Centre for Global Studies wants to contribute to the societal debate on globalisation, making ongoing Global Studies research at the GCGS accessible to a wider (non-academic) audience in (Dutch-speaking) Belgium and the Netherlands.

Globalisation has been omnipresent in public discourse in past 3 decades, but it has become a vague container term, associated with a large variety of societal challenges, from financial crises and climate actions to migration and international terrorism. In this debate, globalisation is often understood as an inevitable fact: an elusive and invisible process that plays out above our heads. De hermaakbare wereld? shows how paralysing this perception can be and provides critical, but constructive new insights from Global Studies research, so as to create new openings for social and political change. The book addresses key questions regarding globalisation: how we measure and assess this process (part 1), how politics shapes and reacts to globalisation (part 2), and how what we believe to be global is always also localised (part 3) – illustrated by case studies, such as the world-city network underpinning global capital, the EU’s external policy and changing discourse on globalisation, human rights and the access to essential medicines, peacebuilding initiatives and Special Economic Zones as world-making projects.

De hermaakbare wereld? Essays over Globalisering, edited by Julie Carlier, Eric Vanhaute and Christopher Parker, Academia Press-Lannoo, 2016.

Release: November 22.